CONSTRUCTION UPDATE – from August 7 to August 20, 2017

Week of August 7, 2017

Simultaneous roadway reconstruction work along the north side of Miracle Mile, from Le Jeune Road to
Salzedo Street and Ponce de Leon Boulevard to Douglas Road, will continue this week. Drainage work on
block 000 north has started and trees on block 200 north will be planted this week. All work on the south
side of that block is complete. Pavers on the north 100 block started today, Monday, August 7 and will
continue to the east half block and the storefronts. Please note pavers will be installed up to existing site
elements or storefronts.

MIRACLE MILE CONSTRUCTION – from August 7 to August 20, 2017

Block 300

  • South Side The block will be substantially complete, with all lights, furniture and pavers, the week
    of August 7th.
  • North Side – Paver installation on-going throughout the street. Drainage at the north plaza complete and will be followed by light foundations and tree installation the week of August 14th.

Block 200

  • North Side –Oak Trees will be planted this week and will be followed by electrical and irrigation

Block 100

  • North Side – Paver installation to start this week.

Block 000

  • South Side – – Substantially complete. Sidewalk is open to pedestrians and the valet parking station
    has been staged. One lane of traffic will remain closed until the median work is complete.
  • North Side – – Drainage work will be on going the next 4 weeks.

GIRALDA AVENUE CONSTRUCTION – from August 7, 2017 to August 20, 2017

Paver installation will be complete early this week. The final item to start this week will be installation of
wires for the catenary lighting system at the center of the street. The street is closed to vehicular traffic;
however, pedestrian access to the businesses will be maintained at all times for the duration of
construction. Water barriers have been installed in order to separate the work zone from pedestrian traffic. Temporary crossings have been installed and will be relocated as construction continues.


The City of Coral Gables Commission voted to close Giralda Plaza to cars as a pilot project for a two-year period, as requested by the majority of businesses and property owners on the street.


The City Commission has approved a Sidewalk Cafe Plan for Miracle Mile and Giralda Plaza, incorporating many of the requests made by merchants at the meeting.

The new application/form will be available starting next on the Planning & Zoning Department’s webpage. For more information, please contact the Department at 305-460-5211 or at planning@coralgables.com.

If you have any questions or require additional information, please contact:

Streetscape Project Contact:
Public Information Officer
Veronica Paredes
901 Ponce De Leon Boulevard, Suite 900
Coral Gables, FL 33134

Telephone: (305) 445-2900

Click here to read the current Streetscape Weekly Bulletin

Capital Improvement Fact Sheet

Construction Archives 2016



Miracle Mile
Red – Phase 1 Starts July 2016 Substantial Completion April 2017
Blue – Phase 2 Starts August 2016 Substantial Completion March 2017
Yellow – Phase 3 Starts January 2017 Substantial Completion July 2017
Green – Phase 4 Starts January 2017 Substantial Completion August 2017
Pink – Phase 5 Starts April 2017 Substantial Completion August 2017
Grey – Phase 6 Starts May 2017 Substantial Completion November 2017
Aqua – Phase 7 Start April 2017 Substantial Completion October 2017
Black – Phase 8 Starts June 2017 Substantial Completion January 2018

Giralda Avenue
Red – Phase A Starts August 2016 Substantial Completion April 2017
Orange – Phase B Starts August 2016 Substantial Completion May 2017
Purple – Phase B2 Starts August 2016 Substantial Completion July 2017

This schedule may change due to inclement weather and/or any other unforeseen circumstances. Please drive cautiously and obey all signs in construction zones.



Shop at unique boutiques, enjoy international cuisines and all the culture Miracle Mile has to offer without worrying about parking. The City of Coral Gables has provided merchants on Miracle Mile customer parking vouchers for municipal garages. If you are a merchant in need of additional vouchers, please contact the Business Improvement District (BID) at 305-569-0311.

Giralda’s Restaurant Row is also offering Free Valet. The City has also provided Restaurant Row merchants on the 100 block of Giralda Avenue complimentary valet vouchers to distribute at their discretion. If you are a merchant on Restaurant Row in need of additional vouchers, contact the Parking Department at 305-460-5541.

A valet station is now operating at the northeast corner of Ponce de Leon Boulevard and Giralda Avenue for lunch (11a.m. – 5 p.m.) and dinner (6 p.m. – 12 a.m.) Monday to Saturday. There is another station on the west side of Galiano Street between Giralda Avenue and Aragon Avenue operating for lunch (11a.m. – 4 p.m.) and dinner (6 – 11 p.m.) Monday to Saturday. The valet station will remain open until midnight on Friday and Saturday.

If you have any questions or require additional information, please contact:

Parking Director Contact :

Parking Director, Kevin Kinney, can supply you with more information: kkinney@coralgables.com / 305-460-5541




Friday, July 28, 6-9 p.m.
00 block of Miracle Mile

Come celebrate another milestone in the Miracle Mile Streetscape Project! The south side of the 00block of Miracle Mile will be having a Fashion & Beauty celebration. For more information, visit www.shopcoralgables.com.

Coral Gables Loves Food Tour

Tuesday, August 15th from 6 – 9pm

The City of Coral Gables has partnered with local blogger Coral Gables Love for a guided Food Tour! Enjoy a food-filled night visiting three restaurants in downtown Coral Gables: Angelique EuroCafe, House – a Town Kitchen & Bar, and La Taberna Giralda. Space is limited, for more information and tickets, click here: www.coralgableslove.com.


Every Saturday on the New Giralda Plaza!

Every Saturday, starting April 8th, the City of Coral Gables and the Coral Gables Business Improvement District will bring you Giralda Al Fresco, where you can dine outside, all day, on the section of the street with new pavers.

Enjoy spring outdoors while you get a glimpse of the beautiful pavers on Giralda.

For more information, visit CoralGables.com/GiraldaAlFresco


Grab a quick ride around Downtown Coral Gables thanks to a new partnership between the City of Coral Gables and Freebee, a green transportation service now offering free door-to-door rides around your favorite destinations. It’s a fun and convenient way to get around the Streetscape construction and get Downtown customers to where they need to go, fast and stress-free. Friendly drivers in sleek electric vehicles will be on the street every day from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. All you need to do is request this service on your smartphone through the Ride Freebee App. Come experience this new service as we continue to “Build Beautiful.”
We encourage all merchants to promote the use of Freebee to their patrons as an additional transportation service. For more information on Freebee, visit www.ridefreebee.com.


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Construction Contact Information

Public Information Officer
Veronica Paredes, STANTEC
901 Ponce De Leon Boulevard, Suite 900
Coral Gables, FL 33134

Telephone: (305) 445-2900
Email: veronica.paredes@stantec.com

Parking Director
Kevin Kinney


General Manager
Andres Diaz PE, Ric-Man International, Inc


Project Manager
Guillermo Yunez, Ric-Man International, Inc

Telephone: 786-717-7700

Michael Jankowski, Ric-Man International, Inc

Telephone: 786-717-7700


Construction Manager




This project is supported by the Building Better Communities bond program and the Mayor and Board of County Commissioners of Miami-Dade County.

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